Area Rug Cleaning | San Fernando Valley CA

Area Rug Cleaning | San Fernando Valley CA 818-675-8293A clean living or working environment and a clean bill of health go hand-in-hand, and carpets are a primary source of dirt and allergens that can affect your family’s or employees’ well-being. While the color and texture of carpeting in heavy traffic areas such as halls, entryways, and primary living and working rooms are often protected with area rugs, many homeowners and business owners neglect to professionally treat those rugs along with their regular wall-to-wall carpeting treatments. The result is leftover dust, pollen, pet dander, and other impurities that can be tracked throughout the rest of the building and diminish the air quality of the home or workplace.

In addition to lowering air quality, when trapped and collected these impurities contribute to a faded, worn rug exterior over time. Professional area rug cleaning ensures that fabrics are treated with the utmost care given to preserving color and texture along with traditional soil and stain removal. Fine detailing, tassels, cords, and intricate weaving are also carefully protected.

While regular vacuuming and sweeping on both sides of your areas rugs is a good idea and a great way to keep them in good condition between professional visits, additional routine treatment by trained and skilled specialists is essential for removing stains that have become deeply embedded and soil that is fine and difficult to locate. Your trained professional can also advise you on methods for keeping your unique pieces like new, offering guidance and tips suited specifically to your fabric and needs.