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Upholstery & Drapery Cleaning | San Fernando Valley CA 818-675-8293The benefits of cleaning your upholstery and draperies include improving the appearance of your home, saving money, and protecting your health. Cleaning your curtains and furniture leaves your house brighter, looking newer, and smelling fresher. On the other hand, dirty furniture and drapes require the house to be cleaned more frequently because they release dirt and dust when used or moved. Upholstery and draperies are expensive, and regular cleaning helps prolong your investment and reduce or eliminate replacement cost by preventing bunching, fading, or piling. Cleaning these items is also a low-cost home improvement project, which can help you sell your home if it is on the market.

In addition to beautifying your home, regularly cleaning the upholstery and draperies helps keep you and your family healthy. Over time, upholstery and draperies become covered in dust, dirt, food, biological material, and other organics. These organics become food for dust mites, bacteria, insects, and molds. Dust mites leave behind feces causing those with allergies or asthma to experience trouble breathing or become covered in hives. Bacteria and molds can release harmful gases or become a breeding ground for infection. In other words, furniture and drapes that are not regularly cleaned can make your family sick. If shoes are allowed on furniture and upholstery a variety of harmful substances are inevitably caked on. Often, shaking out draperies or beating the dust out of upholstery alone is simply ineffective in extracting all of these pollutants and therefore cleaning them should be considered basic home maintenance.