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Pet Odor Control | San Fernando Valley CA 818-675-8293There are benefits in hiring a professional cleaning company instead of wasting money on products that only mask pet odor. Blotting a wet spot with a towel or sponge will not remove all of the urine, feces or vomit on upholstery or carpeting.

A lot of products on the market do not permanently break up the odors. These products only mask the pet odor temporarily. In a few days or weeks, the smell is back. Pests can be attracted to the materials causing the odor. Pests can carry diseases and wreak havoc on your home. This can cause embarrassment and stress for the occupants.

A professional cleaning company will use the appropriate products and equipment to permanently remove odors and clean the item, room or house. This can include the use of steam and specially formulated shampoos for upholstery, draperies or carpeting. The cost for the service can be far less than using products purchased continually over the counter. Most companies guarantee their work; if odors return without new “pet accidents,” technicians will return and clean the item or room again.











A home that is free from pet odor will be healthier and less stressful. Entertaining will be a pleasure in a professionally cleaned environment. Hiring a professional cleaning company can cost far less than buying new furniture or carpeting. It makes sense to save money by having the item, room or house professionally cleaned on a regular basis. This will ensure the healthiest indoor environment possible for you and your family.